The Circle – A Return to Center

by Susan Gangsei

On display May 31 – June 24, 2022.

Tapestry by Susan Gangsei

A tapestry begins as a drawing. This drawing depicts an image, theme, or message about the human experience. Inspiration can come from nature, a symbol, or another piece of art.

From this drawing, the artist creates whats called a “cartoon”. This is the pattern that guides the weaving the way a sketch leads a painting. After the image and shapes are finalized, Gangsei looks at colors to determine what goes where. Each shape in the image is then labeled with a color and weaving technique.

Gangsei uses a combination of techniques. Being trained in classic European weaving techniques, she can blend colors and rows of colors. Her background in Peruvian techniques allows her to add texture to the surface of the fabric.

She is drawn to round and circular shapes resembling a yin and yang dynamic that embodies how lives are complex, with both good and bad. Circles are how the artist expresses paradox and wholeness at the same time.

This exhibition was made possible by a grant from the Hanson Family Foundation.

Tapestry is a labor of love, in both time and heart.

Susan Gangsei

About the Artist

Susan Gangsei

Gangsei has been creating tapestries for over 15 years. Starting with the technique weaving, she found as much enjoyment in designing the tapestry as she did the practice. The images became a way to creatively share her life and experiences. The process of weaving is meditative, and brings calm and perspective into Gangsei’s life even when circumstances seem overwhelming.

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