Side by Side

A pandemic art quilt project in Iowa.

What is it?

We envision this project engaging Iowans, of all walks of life and across our state, in their own creativity. We will use the pandemic as a backdrop and creativity as our vehicle to build a sense of community with our creativity.

The project is to engage Iowans to use their creativity to share their story during the Coronavirus pandemic. It is achieved  through the creation of a 10”x10” fabric square that will be placed Side by Side to tell the story of Iowans during the this challenging time.

Our goal is to receive 3000 entries to construct 30 Quilts to be on display at the Clear Lake Arts Center and around Iowa.

Cross stitch artwork of an anatomically accurate heart.

How do I participate?

Each participant can submit one 10”x10” square to the project. You can use fabric of your own or request a square from the project. 

Use the square piece of fabric to create an art piece through drawing, painting, sewing, needlework, printing, photo transfer, beading, or whatever medium you like to work in. You do not have to make a traditional quilt square, however, they are welcome too!

Use this downloadable pdf for more information and tips on creating and submitting your square!


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Project Committee

Krista Billhorn *

Jeffrey Ebeling
Missy Huling

Kathy Ingram *
Mandi Pralle *
Mariah Piippo
Diane Ostendorf *
Mike Sogard * 

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Project Sponsors

A big THANK YOU to our sponsors!

The Hanson Family Foundation

Project sponsored by Clear Lake Arts Center

Side by Side

A pandemic art quilt project in Iowa.

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