Sibylline – artworks by Tina Figarelli

Tina Figarelli is a realistic figurative artist from Chicago, IL. The concepts she loves to explore are realist portrait work inspired by Neoclassicism and Rococo themes. Her portraits are based on ethereal goddesses, including the beauty and power of women and femininity.

She aspires to create a fluid sense of narrative and story-telling. Her inspirations are drawn from tales of myths and legends that create a flowing and fascinating story. Using that wonderment, she paints the story she wants her piece to convey.

This is what Tina has to say about her work:

Coming from an Italian heritage inspires me to uphold my reputation for my ancestors, as
I feel a connection between my love of painting and my own heritage. I am deeply influenced by the
old Italian masters and their delicate rendering of the human figure. The female form and its
elegant contours inspire me and create a sense of fluidity and narrative in each piece. Each
painting contains a small part of my life and family that I hold close to me and cherish, showing
where I’ve come from and what I’ve become. Putting small pieces of my life into my paintings
allows my work to form into an extension of myself. Ideas for my paintings manifest themselves
by finished images, with myself being the vehicle to create the storytelling aspects. This allows
the viewer to interpret the works in any way they wish.

I enjoy using a variety of materials and mediums ranging from oil paint to charcoal. The
process of making the art is nearly as satisfying as seeing the final piece come together. Having a
tangible piece of art is worth all the time and effort put into the technique as well as the
education behind it. Some of the main influences in my work are the Old Masters, such as
Bouguereau and Tiepolo. I am also greatly inspired by contemporary artists such as Jeremy
Lipking and Stephanie Rew.

Sibylline–Virtual Exhibition. For video click HERE

For a full pdf with images, titles, and prices click on Sibylline.

A video chat with Tina on creativity, For video click HERE.


Tina Figarelli is currently studying painting in an undergraduate program at Northern Illinois University. She also teaches portrait and still life drawing at the Water Street Studios in Batavia, Illinois. She plans to continue her studies in a Masters of Fine Arts program upon graduation.

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