WINGS, 2019

d 2’x w 3′ x h 6′



 WINGS is a contemporary sculpture, consisting of simple, streamlined shapes that are opening up and remind us of wings. It refers to the tremendous transformation a butterfly has to go through. Butterflies are a symbol of transformation, because of their impressive process of metamorphosis. By observing butterflies, we can relate to our own lives. Each of us transforms through multiple stages in our life: moments of growing pains, times of hunger and vulnerability followed by moments of tremendous energy, growth, wonder and amazement. The artist would like to create an awareness for the decreasing butterfly population. 

About the Artist – Hilde Debruyne

Hilde DeBruyne is a Belgian-American artist living in Cumming, Iowa. She is a sculptor and designer in clay, metal, and bronze. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is included in public and private collections. She has successfully completed multiple public art projects throughout Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, and Belgium. Her artwork in metal is contemporary in style, often abstracted and organic in nature. She uses mild steel, corten steel, or aluminum and usually enriches the work with the use of bold, attractive colors. Overall her artwork has an energetic, warm, and welcoming feel to it. She usually works around a certain theme and explores this theme throughout a series of works. She works with a team of fabricators to bring about contemporary, durable works of art, created with detail and craftsmanship.

Website:  Hilde Debruyne