Large Stone Mobile #7

d 80″x w 74″x h 96″



Movement. Balance. Change.
My specialty is hanging mobiles (kinetic sculpture) from stone, metal, acrylic, and other materials in a wide range of sizes. The simple abstract components of a mobile interact with each other, yielding a complex form that has the potential for continuous transformation. Mobiles are proven crowd-pleasers in public spaces, and I have won several awards for my kinetic sculptures. Mobiles engage viewers and react to the environment; responding with movement, cast light/shadow, and changing forms. Each design is unique, meticulously balanced as it is built, and aligned to avoid collisions and allow maximum movement.

My mobiles also meet the practical concerns of this scale installation—they utilize high quality, high strength components. My work is safe, durable, requires minimal maintenance, and is straightforward to install. I provide a custom stainless steel stand to display the mobile.

About the Artist – David Montague

David Montague is a kinetic sculptor, photographer, and visual artist. He creates hanging mobiles—a form of kinetic sculpture—from stone, metal and acrylic materials. David has lived in Minnesota his whole life, and currently resides in Brooklyn Park, MN.

Website:  David Montague