Intersections, 2016

d 3’x w 7′ x h 9′



My work explores relationships between academic fine art and my experiences in the subcultures of Americana; namely automotive customization, style writing (calligraphy and graffiti), comic books, skate/snowboarding, and street art. I continually play with balance, both physical and aesthetic to connect these disparate ideologies. I continually pursue the creation of visual smoothness or sleekness, what I would call “Super Sleek.”

About the Artist – Luke Achterberg

Luke William Achterberg grew up in the Fox River Valley Region of South Central Wisconsin; the Grandson of welders and the Nephew/Son of automotive customizers and painters. His undergraduate study focused on fine art, psychology, and philosophy at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. He then obtained a Welding Technical Diploma from Western Technical College in La Crosse. After spending a year as a certified welder at a custom job shop, he obtained his Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Kentucky. The year he graduated, he was awarded the Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award by the International Sculpture Center. Since then, he has been making and exhibiting art both outdoor and indoor throughout the United States and Switzerland.

Website:  Luke Achterberg