Blooming Yellow Tulip, 2020

d 47″x w 47″ x h 80″



Blooming Yellow Tulip is a painted steel sculpture. The title evokes a sense of hope and the resilience of life in nature. I created this piece during a pandemic lockdown in 2020. I intend the piece to reflect our collective yearning for normalcy in this challenging time with the pandemic. In Minnesota, tulips are one of the most familiar and earliest signs of spring and a new beginning of the life cycle in nature. This piece will remind the viewers of spring, warmth, and hope. The sculpture is visually dynamic and highly visible. Its minimalist geometrical design offers familiarity and can be appreciated by viewers of all ages.

About the Artist – Sunghee Min

Sunghee Min is a metal artist based in Minneapolis. She grew up in a farming town in the southern part of South Korea and moved to California in her mid twenties to study sculpture at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. After graduating in 2000, she maintained a metal studio in the Bay view arts district of San Francisco and established as a professional artist.

She likes the strength and solidity inherent in metal and works primarily with manufactured products like steel sheets, bars, angles and other structural shapes.  She builds her objects by multiplying elements and most of them are self-supporting structures.  Because metal can become heavy very quickly she uses the minimal amount of material possible and builds in sections to keep the weight manageable by herself. She utilizes systems of order, methodology,  patterns, repetitions, surface textures, and bright colors and combine them into a unifying motif to make an object that offers long lasting visual excitement.

For the recent years she has been creating public outdoor art.  Through public art, she enjoys making works that reach broader spectrum of audiences and interacting with communities.

Website:  Sung-Hee Min Art Studio