2022 Sculpture Exhibition

Take a look at the sculptures featured in the rotating exhibition of sculptures this year. In early spring, a request for proposals was posted to build a pool of sculptures to select from. A small volunteer selection committee reviewed the proposals and selected the sculptures seen below. Each artist received a stipend for the season.

Learn More about the Sculptures Below


74″ x 27″ x 18″



Inspired by noticing the need to shift attention to create a better balance between some of the contrasting elements in our Natural/Man-Made world, Like the relationship between our Land/Water, Earth/Air and our ability to transform through awareness.

About the Artists – Ryan & James Pedersen

Sculptors James and Ryan Pedersen are a father/son collaborative team who create welded constructions in relief and free standing form. The combinations of steel, brass, and copper are used in most designs. The earthy colors and textures are achieved through welding, cutting, grinding and heat-treating these materials. The finished artwork illustrates their combined passion for the outdoor environment as an artistic selection of these elements with a stylized approach that is related to various interpretations of the modern landscape.

Low-Poly Open Heart (RIDE)

5’ x 5’ x 2.5’



An easily-recognizable heart form, with an interesting geometry, and play between front/back, interior/exterior; the industrial nature of the aluminum diamond plate is balanced by the warm red of the interior. The low-polygon form was developed with an advanced algorithm and cut with a water cannon.

About the Artist – Matthew Duffy

Matthew Duffy operates a project-based Art practice. Each past public Art project has been different aesthetically, thematically, and have required vastly different technical skills. This has been an advantage however: First, he has the skills/experience to complete any project from large figurative bronze sculptures, to huge panels of steel and kiln-cast recycled glass. Second, other artists hire him as a fabricator and am therefore proficient in collaborating with a range of personalities, viewpoints, and needs. Finally, Duffy often work in a site-specific manner; letting the context of the community and the site/project goals dictate the final result. However, he often combines site-specifics with the semiotics of archetypes; universally understood objects or symbols and their related ideas, concepts, and meanings. To achieve this paradoxical balance he uses cutting-edge technology like laser-cutting, 3-D printing, and CAD modeling, with traditional aesthetics and methods of sculpture making.



6′ x 3′ x 20″



Diversity is a contemporary sculpture in metal, consisting of bold , geometric shapes, celebrating “Diversity” around us.

About the Artist – Hilde DeBruyne

Hilde DeBruyne is a Belgian-American artist living in Des Moines, Iowa. She is a sculptor and designer in clay, metal and bronze. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is included in public and private collections. DeBruyne has successfully completed multiple public art projects throughout Iowa, Minnesota , Illinois, Indiana , and Belgium. Her artwork in metal is contemporary in style, often abstracted and organic in nature . She uses mild steel, cor ten steel or aluminum and usually enriches the work with the use of bold, attractive colors. Overall her artwork has an energetic, warm and welcoming feel to it. She usually works around a certain theme and explores this theme throughout a series of works.

Cherry Tree

82″ x 72″ , 30″ x 30″ Base



About the Artist – Dale Lewis

Making sculptures from recycled metal, scrap materials and found objects started out as a hobby 12 years ago, but has now turned into a full-time obsession. For over seven years Dale Lewis has been participating in sculpture walks throughout the Midwest and is humbled to have won numerous awards and to have sold many of his pieces for permanent public display. People often ask what inspires his work and there are two things: first, he wants to make people smile and second, he loves letting the scrap material influence the subject matter and design of the sculpture. Over the years, Lewis has developed five different sculpture-building techniques. As a self-taught welder, that has surprised him and lead to a wide variety of sculptures. Lewis now has over 100 large-scale sculptures and six traveling exhibits: Scraposaurs, Scrap to Sea, Paint by Numbers, Traveling Trees, When Pigs Fly and The Lewis & Art Exhibition.

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Triangle Play II

92″ x 40″ x 30″



The piece is constructed by multiplying identical elements in order to form a larger element. Triangle Play II is designed with playfulness in mind and offers various visual experiences through shifting perspective. The concept is inspired by party flags, banners and fireworks that are associated with celebratory events and festivity.

About the Artist – Sunghee Min

Sunghee Min is interested in the systems of order, repetition and shapes. She incorporates these elements to create works that offer long lasting dynamic visual experience. She intends her work to convey a sense of excitement and playfulness as one can expect from a festive event.

Love must be Cultivated

6.5′ x 2′ x 2′



The stalk and leaves are made to look natural yet withstand nature and the public. Love must be Cultivated is a suggestion that Love for Life should be encouraged and developed.

About the Artist – Glory Hartsfield

Being able to change what is familiar into something that was born of imagination aligns with Hartsfield’s aspirations to make changes in life, construct her own destiny, and encourage others to do the same. To initiate a dialog with strangers she presents an object created from feelings and images, past and present of her life’s challenges and discoveries. She does this in hope that others may see they are not alone. As a woman artist Hartsfield wants to encourage women to celebrate themselves and overcome the social pressure and thought patterns that hold us captive in our own bodies. Her goal is to continue to make and show sculpture that speaks to the viewers of troubles and triumphs I have encountered in my journey in hopes of motivating others to conquer their own troubles and become aware that we control the course our life takes us and are beholden to none. 

Spirit of Steel

16′ x 24″ x 24″



Growing up in Seattle, Nelson was fascinated by the art of the Northwest Indigenous People and its spirit representations. With respect for the strength of their traditions, he created Spirit of Steel.

About the Artist – Jerry Nelson

Nelson has been creating steel sculpture 45 years, and he has been in shows and selling art work for 20 years. His pieces are mainly steel for yard, garden, and outdoor exhibition (usually of a fun and whimsical nature). Nelson has had pieces on the Mason City, Sioux Falls, and Watertown sculpture walks. Both previous sculptures exhibited at the Clear Lake Arts Center Sculpture Garden sold to local buyers. Though he has sold a couple large commissioned pieces in the last couple years, Nelson is committed to continue to make fun affordable art to sell locally.

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