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Artist Paint Out & The Plein Air Show

Surface by Tom Cubr

Surface is a compilation of Tom Cubr’s formalist inspired works that are abstracted aerial views. Watching the patches of Earth in different colors and human impact on the terrain, Cubr was inspired to make these works when flying in an airplane for the first time. Using satellite images as basic layouts, his finished work doesn’t always resemble the source images. He has even revisited the same locations years apart and notices the changes humans and the environment have had on the land.

On display in the Hanson Gallery from June 28 – July 24, 2022.

Textural Aerial Landscapes by Creative Director, Mariah Piippo

The Stanton Gallery is currently hosting work by our Creative Director Mariah Piippo, and her work goes hand-in-hand with the main exhibit, Surface by Tom Cubr. Her work uses acrylic paints, sand, and mica powder to create mountains, valleys, and seas seen from the same angle Cubr’s work represents. Both artists look at satellite images of the Earth as inspiration. Piippo sometimes looks at other planets, her favorite being Mars, and sometimes uses colors that emphasize emotion opposed to realistic depictions. She will also be showing her work at this year’s North Iowa Studio Tour where the Clear Lake Arts Center will host her studio.

If you are an artist with us, you are invited to have an artist spotlight show. Spotlights are typically a month long, but they can be adjusted to fit your schedule. These are an opportunity to be highlighted in our community and an added bonus for being an artist in the gift shop, Hanson Gallery, or Art Sail. Contact Jessi at for more information about having your own spotlight.

Next in our Hanson Gallery is…

Iconoplast by Erik Olson from July 26 – August 19