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Craig has often said that creating art is how he breathes. Emotion can be seen and felt in all of his pieces, whether a person, a flower, an animal, a city scene, a beautiful landscape, or even his abstracts.

One Second in Florence offers a unique perspective. Craig wanted to create a collection that would go beyond the architecture of the old world city and truly capture the feel of Firenze. When an old World War II movie, “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo”, flooded his mind he realized that was it… it was all about time… capturing time. He set his camera to one second exposure and One Second in Florence was born.

On display May 9 – May 27

Sponsored by the Hanson Family Foundation

Upcoming Exhibition

Dan Perry Recent Works on May 30 – July 1

Previous Exhibitions

Stanton Gallery

2023 Clear Lake Earth Day Photo Show

On display April 18 – May 13

The Photo Show is back for the third year in a row! This all new collection of photos features over 30 works by 12 artists of Clear Lake and the surrounding area.

The show celebrates the beauty and diversity of nature and the world around us.

Clear Lake Earth Day has generously donated prizes to the 3 best photos voted on by a panel of community members with various arts experience. Winners are A Glimpse into Nature’s Soul by Jennifer Ostrander (2nd Place), Ice Pans by Brenda Kienast (2nd Place), and Chaff by Chad Heggen (1st Place). Take a walk over to enjoy nature and the beauty of the Lake before stopping in to see the work.

Sponsored by Clear Lake Earth Day

Upcoming Exhibitions

Colors of Inclusion: An LGBTQ+ Collective Show May 16 – June 23

If you are an artist with us, you are invited to have an artist spotlight show. Spotlights are typically a month long, but they can be adjusted to fit your schedule. These are an opportunity to be highlighted in our community and an added bonus for being an artist in the gift shop, Hanson Gallery, or Art Sail. Contact Jessi at for more information about having your own spotlight.