Piece by Piece

by Michael Hassig

On Display December 6 – February 3

Artist Reception & Informal Talk December 16 from 5 – 7pm

About the Exhibition

Hassig employs a collage technique that uses pieces of paper to develop a flat 2- dimensional surface. In this process he uses pictures from discarded color plate books. These are cut or torn into various shapes deconstructing the original image. These pieces function as the pictorial elements of shape, color, texture and patterns of light and dark. Hassig’s collages are created using good quality paper, scissors, an X-acto knife, and glue sticks.

His work is abstract in imagery. The design itself is the subject, and he does not start with a preconceived image in mind but lets the random pieces by chance begin the construction. The places he has traveled to, books he reads, music he listens to, and the teachings he has absorbed over the years all accompany Hassig on his adventures with paper.

All collages are original, no copies or reproductions.

About the Artist

Hassig studied printmaking and paper making at Northwest Missouri State University and went to Drake University to further study printmaking.

Michael Hassig retired around 7 years ago and has been dedicating time to his art since then. He’s won several regional and national awards with his collages, and is a valued consignment artist here at the Clear lake Arts Center.