One Second In Florence

by Craig Kienast

On display March 21 – April 22, 2023

Craig Kienast, Clear Lake, Iowa native, wanted to be a geologist like his older brother, until his brother gave him a camera, and there was no turning back. Kienast had found his love and expression of life. He later attended Hawkeye Community college in Waterloo, Iowa to learn professional photography. After living out west and many years in Florida, Kienast returned to Iowa in the early 90’s and began to build his photography business in Clear Lake.

Kienast has often said that creating art is how he breathes. Emotion can be seen and felt in all of his pieces, whether a person, a flower, an animal, a city scene, a beautiful landscape, or even his abstracts.

One Second in Florence offers a unique perspective. Kienast wanted to create a collection that would go beyond the architecture of the old world city and truly capture the feel of Firenze. When an old World War II movie, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, flooded his mind he realized that was it… it was all about time and capturing time. He set his camera to one second exposure and this exhibition was born.

Sponsored by the Hanson Family Foundation

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