• Virtual North Iowa Student Art Exhibition

    The Clear Lake Arts Center is proud to present our most popular exhibition of the year! The North Iowa Student Art Exhibition highlights to talent and creativity of our community’s youth. Click on the name of each school to see this year’s participants. A big thanks to all the hard work of our Art Educators…. Read More

  • Little Things

    The exhibition, Little Things, focuses on the smallest details that surround one’s everyday life. It invites audience members to step back from their busy lives and appreciate the small details that make up the bigger picture. Whether it be through a location or person, every component has the potential to give one’s life a purpose…. Read More

  • Kindred Panoramas

    Lisa Truax is interested in the contrast between places such as parks and natural areas and modern ways of building and living. Culturally, we have ideas of beauty and the sense of the untouched associated with these places. Often, outdoor landscapes seem to be in their natural state, but are often actually created, planned, built,… Read More

  • Sibylline

      Sibylline – artworks by Tina Figarelli Tina Figarelli is a realistic figurative artist from Chicago, IL. The concepts she loves to explore are realist portrait work inspired by Neoclassicism and Rococo themes. Her portraits are based on ethereal goddesses, including the beauty and power of women and femininity. She aspires to create a fluid… Read More

  • Interior Ponderings

    Interior Ponderings – artworks by Roxanne Richards The Clear Lake Arts Center continues to find ways to help the community view and be inspired by our exhibition calendar. We are excited to present Roxanne Richards’ – Interior Ponderings. This exhibition navigates the human experience through a masterful approach of color and form. Here is what… Read More

  • Treats this Saturday!

    On Saturday, October 31 from 10 am – 4 pm we will be passing out creative treat bags to youth in costume for Halloween. We will also have on view for Dia de los Muertos an ofrenda (an alter remembering and honoring a deceased family member) on view in the Hanson Window Gallery. Also on… Read More

  • In the Galleries

    On view in the Hanson Gallery Lake Area Quilters’Guild This exhibition is dedicated in memory of Lake Area Quilters’ Guild member Janice Marie Doane. The Lake Area Quilters’ Guild was formed in February of 1995 through the organization of founding member Elaine LaPierre. The Guild has offered classes, demonstrations, and programs during their meetings. Individuals… Read More

  • Encounters – works by Barbara Simcoe

    Barbara Simcoe is interested in liminality, that is, being on a threshold between reality and inner consciousness. Her fragmentary nature of working with multiple photographs creates harmonious disorientation. There are narrative undercurrents that are meant to be felt, not understood. She is interested in giving form to that which incomprehensible and brings it within reach…. Read More

  • Life Layers by Tonja Ihlenfeldt

    Tonja’s mixed media pieces are a combination of photography and painting. The process begins with a photo that Tonja has taken or a found historical photo. She edits the photo, prints it on canvas and paints on the photographic print with oil paint. The process of creating the final piece includes a bold yet controlled… Read More

  • Conversations of People Watching – paintings by Karen Cooper

    June 16 – July 11, 2020 Karen Cooper is a people watcher. She does this with intensity and then paints it. “I have seen so many amazingly interesting people out in the world, and I see no other path but to share them with viewers who need to revel in these fascinating images too,” Karen… Read More