Little Things

The exhibition, Little Things, focuses on the smallest details that surround one’s everyday life. It invites audience members to step back from their busy lives and appreciate the small details that make up the bigger picture. Whether it be through a location or person, every component has the potential to give one’s life a purpose.

Download this pdf file for more information on Little Things.

About the Artist

Sydney Hollingshead is a fine artist who currently resides in Altoona, Iowa. Until recently, Hollingshead attended Minneapolis College of Art and Design and was majoring in 3D animation. Over her years at MCAD, she grew an interest in teaching art at an elementary level. Because of this, she is now attending the University of Northern Iowa and majoring in art education. Her primary media of choice are charcoal and acrylic, although she also experiments with Photoshop and Illustrator from time to time. For Hollingshead, creating images that focus on the places and people that surround her life allows her to explore more about who she is as an artist and person.