Creativity in our daily lives

On the individual level, being creative allows us to question and process the challenges of our daily lives. Creativity gives us space to think, relax, respond, and express our daily thoughts. As a collective, we gain insight and understanding into our neighbors, culture, and human experience. Many of the world’s greatest works of creativity came from challenging times.

As the Arts Center navigates the obstacles of the COVID-19 event, we continue to strive to meet our mission and plan for the future. We have been using our Facebook and Instagram pages to help the community engage in their creativity and are working on ways to provide families with the resources and tools to be creative at home.

We see the Clear Lake Arts Center, a 43-year-old anchor in our community, playing a vital role as the COVID-19 event comes to an end. The board of directors and staff are working on plans and preparing to be ready for when our community begins its social recovery process.