Colossus, 2018

This sculpture was made possible with generous support from Clear Lake Bank & Trust.

Aluminum – w 48″ x h 101″ x d 40″



“My sculptures have always been object-oriented and narrative in nature. I attempt to achieve a connection with my audience by utilizing universal visual details. These details combine with the overall form to create the visual aesthetic. Because of my formal approach to fabrication, rational functionality might be expected. On the contrary, the combination of physical scale, personal references, and visual details often results in a whimsical and absurd reality.”


About the Artist – Andrew Arvanetes

Andrew Arvanetes received his BFA and MFA from Northern Illinois University. He has been producing sculpture professionally since 1987. Working in aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, mild steel, and wood, Arvanetes has fabricated large outdoor sculptures, gallery-size work as well as low-relief wall constructions. He has exhibited his work throughout the United States, participating in exhibitions, competitions, and public art projects. Originally from the Chicago area, Arvanetes has returned to his Chicago roots after operating sculpture studios in central
Michigan, Cincinnati, and the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Most recently, Andrew was named the winner of the 2017 Lewis C. Weinberg Biennial Award by the Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park in Skokie, Illinois. Andrew is a member of Chicago Sculpture International and the Artist Collective at Water Street Studios in Batavia, Illinois.


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