Colors Of Inclusion

An LGBTQ+ Collective Show

On display May 16- June 23

This show was open to all artists & hobbyists in all mediums that identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community in Cerro Gordo and the surrounding counties. Artists were encouraged to submit work either about their life, struggles, or support as members of the LGBTQ+ community or artwork that doesn’t inherently pertain to their affiliation in the community. This gives all members of LGBTQ+ community a chance to showcase their work just like we host other themed exhibitions throughout the year for a variety of mediums and groups of artists. Allies were also encouraged to show their LGBTQ+ supportive works this year to show that there is acceptance in the area.

Ally (verb) – to unite or form a connection or relation Promoting and encouraging allyship is important for everyone and helps to make the world a more inclusive and affirming place. The impact of LGBTQ+ specific allyship also extends beyond benefiting queer identities by decreasing the likelihood of implicit and explicit bias, and removing barriers to true inclusion. We encourage you to activate your allyship and be an active accomplice in supporting marginalized communities. Choosing to be an ally is a continual, intentional commitment to support all of those facing oppression or disadvantage regardless of identity. Discrimination and oppression don’t simply disappear when allies back down or remain silent.

The show is full of color, new perspectives, and emotion. Please stop in to see the works made by your peers, neighbors, and friends represented in the show. Happy Pride Month!

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