Creativity Prompt: Shoes

Shoes well-traveled can tell our story. Use a pair of your most comfortable shoes and create a pencil drawing of them. As you do so, think of the journey the two of you have been on and the adventures you’ve had.

Supply list:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Your creativity

Tips: Making a few different arrangements with the shoes to find an appealing composition. Do a few simple small preliminary sketches to get a feel for your drawing before you begin working on the final artwork.

Technique: Drawing is as much about making a mark with your pencil as it is taking marks away. Remember, your eraser is a marking tool as well. What lines can you make in your drawing with your eraser?

Next Step: If you want to take this project to the next step, write a few words into the drawing about a memory you have while wearing the shoes. Are the words visible or hidden in your work?


Click here to download a pdf of this creativity prompt.