Creativity Prompt: Abstracted Square

Taking an image that we love and extracting a section is a fun way to make an abstract work of art. Take your time with your viewfinder to discover many different images within your favorite picture.

Supply list:

  • A favorite image to work with
  • Viewfinder – 4 in x 4 in square of stiff paper with a 1-inch square cut out of the middle
  • Tape
  • 8 in x 8 in square paper for final work
  • Drawing and painting material
  • Your Imagination

—>    —>  

Tips: Move your viewfinder all over the picture to discover a wide variety of abstract images. Do a few sketches of your favorite ones. Once you find one to work with, carefully tape your viewfinder in place.

Technique: Now make the image in the viewfinder on your 8in x 8in paper. When you begin sketching in the image, work from the largest shapes to the smaller shapes. This will give you a balanced and more accurate image.

Next Step: Do a series of 4 different artworks from the same picture. Display them in different configurations until you find one you like. Remember, sometimes one of the paintings might show better if it is upside down.


Click here to download a pdf of this creativity prompt.