The Clear Lake Arts Center offers a wide range of classes for all ages and skill levels. We offer new classes three times a year: Winter, Summer, & Fall.

In addition to classes, we have creativity prompts online. You can also find more prompts on our Social Media pages. Feel free to share what you created with us, and you may be featured on our pages!

Take a Class

We strive to connect the community to their creativity by igniting your creative spirit!

The Clear Lake Arts Center offers a wide variety of online creativity classes . For the full listing browse our online calendar. You can register online, by mail, or in person. If you have ideas for a class and don’t see it on our calendar, please contact us at

Class fees are due at the time of registration. On occasion, a class may be canceled due to low enrollment or bad weather. You will receive a notification if this occurs and be given a full refund.

Camps & After-School Programs require additional paperwork. This can be found HERE. Please email with any questions.

Teach a Class

The Clear Lake Arts Center is looking for artists excited about their process and art to share their creativity with the community.

Art, theater, literature, and other disciplines are invited to teach classes and workshops over topics they are passionate about.

Do you have a new technique that you are excited about? Have you mastered a medium or style and want to help beginners navigate the challenges? Contact us about teaching an online class at

Creativity Chat Series

The Clear Lake Arts Center’s Creativity Chat Series is about conversations with creative individuals from around the United States. The chats are designed to give you a glimpse into the creative thinking, process, and work spaces of artists and other creatives with the goal of inspiring our viewers to engage in their own creativity.

View interviews with Amy Tillotson, Edie Bresler, Nicole Nelson, Peter Zierlein, Adam McCauley, Farida Hughes, Todd Jannausch, Susan Nagl, or Chris White.

Creativity Prompts

Prompts are a great place to get out of a block or rut in your art no matter your art form. Whether you are looking for a new topic, new idea, or simply bored; a fun exercise can be a way to get the creative juices flowing!

Sometimes all the options in the world of colors, styles, topics, and more can get a little daunting. A creativity prompt can help an artist by offering constraints while also providing freedom. It can help an artist focus on one problem and discover a new depth of creativity inside.

Select a topic below or view our creativity prompts on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.