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  • Efflorescent

    About the exhibit My aesthetic sensibility is rooted in Central American Folk Art and the Mexican Catholic shrines of my heritage and upbringing. During my childhood in Tucson, Arizona, this was the artwork I knew and I practiced making creations in similar ways. Whether it was through my novice interpretation or some forgotten informal training… Read More

  • Land Ethic

    In the exhibition, Land Ethic, Katie Ries is concerned about modern life: the resources it requires, the lure of screens and “likes”, and the sobering forecasts of climate change. In response to these concerns, she makes art that invites viewers to engage in small, concrete steps toward environmental sustainability and community engagement. These themes show… Read More

  • Rituals of the Earth

    Rituals of the Earth features the ceramics of William Mateer and James Kerns. After meeting in college in the 70’s, they have been friends and making pottery ever since.

  • Dictators & Dreamers by Jennifer Lynn Bates

    CLAC is excited to present Dictators & Dreamers paintings by Jennifer Lynn Bates as our first exhibition with our reopening. Dictators & Dreamers investigates infamy, the ripple effects of power, human rights issues, and dreams of the (seemingly) common person. This body of work contrasts the faces of current or recent absolute rulers of countries… Read More

  • Clear Lake Earth Day Photo Contest

    The Clear Lake Arts Center is proud to present the first Clear Lake Earth Day Photo Contest! The show has been created in partnership with Clear Lake Earth Day to celebrate to beauty of Clear Lake and the surrounding area. Adults aged 13 and up entered the contest for categories of A Day at the… Read More

  • Virtual North Iowa Student Art Exhibition

    The Clear Lake Arts Center is proud to present our most popular exhibition of the year! The North Iowa Student Art Exhibition highlights to talent and creativity of our community’s youth. Click on the name of each school to see this year’s participants. A big thanks to all the hard work of our Art Educators…. Read More

  • Little Things

    The exhibition, Little Things, focuses on the smallest details that surround one’s everyday life. It invites audience members to step back from their busy lives and appreciate the small details that make up the bigger picture. Whether it be through a location or person, every component has the potential to give one’s life a purpose…. Read More

  • Kindred Panoramas

    Lisa Truax is interested in the contrast between places such as parks and natural areas and modern ways of building and living. Culturally, we have ideas of beauty and the sense of the untouched associated with these places. Often, outdoor landscapes seem to be in their natural state, but are often actually created, planned, built,… Read More

  • Sibylline

      Sibylline – artworks by Tina Figarelli Tina Figarelli is a realistic figurative artist from Chicago, IL. The concepts she loves to explore are realist portrait work inspired by Neoclassicism and Rococo themes. Her portraits are based on ethereal goddesses, including the beauty and power of women and femininity. She aspires to create a fluid… Read More

  • Interior Ponderings

    Interior Ponderings – artworks by Roxanne Richards The Clear Lake Arts Center continues to find ways to help the community view and be inspired by our exhibition calendar. We are excited to present Roxanne Richards’ – Interior Ponderings. This exhibition navigates the human experience through a masterful approach of color and form. Here is what… Read More