Our Vision, Mission, and Values

We enVISION the Clear Lake Arts Center as a dynamic and vibrant hub to promote and preserve creativity as part of every human’s daily life.

Our MISSION is to ignite the creative spirit by engaging the diverse community we serve and our regional audience by providing opportunities and inspiration through the visual, performing, and literary arts.

We believe in COMMUNITY by welcoming and engaging all members of our diverse community. We do this through:

Seeking input from you, listening with respect, and by offering a variety of activities.

We believe in INCLUSION by inviting everyone to bring their creativity and uniqueness to the table. We do this through:

Promoting curiosity, considering other perspectives, and working together.

We believe in WHOLEHEARTEDNESS by caring about what we do and the community we serve.  We do this through:

Compassion and kindness, being sincere and respectful, and connecting and encouraging each other.